Book reveiw: Only You ~ Ancelli

Only YouIn Only You, author Ancelli, introduces us to Shane Morgan, a rough-around the edges, take no prisoners law enforcement office and his son Grayson. On Valentine’s day they meet Larissa Edwards at a restaurant where she has been stood up and Shane invites himself and Grayson a set at her table. Thing start off rocky and first; however, by the end of the night Shane is calling it their first date and asking for her contact information.

Fast forward one-year later Shane and Larissa are still going strong in spite of Shane’s baby mama drama. His ex-girlfriend Liz is a real piece of work. Shane and Larissa overcome the consistent trouble from Liz and what she did to Grayson, has Shane reaches out to his family who did not know he existed for help. Shane reached out to his brother John who he only knew a series of events (hope there is a story coming about this, if there already isn’t) to help him with the storm Liz wanted to brew. In the end Shane, gained a family and he married the woman he found love with one Valentine’s Day.

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