Book Review: Crush – A Stepbrother Romance ~ Caitlin Daire

CrushIn her book Crush – A Stepbrother Romance, author Caitlin Daire, take us for a romantic ride in this “taboo” love story of Mia and Brad. Mia and Brad first meet poolside at a resort in Biloxi. They both feel an instant attraction and things get a little steamy and go from hot to ice cold in less than 60 seconds has Mia remembers that she has dinner plans with her dad. In Brad’s lust filled haze calls me a “bitch” because she went from hot mama to ice queen. Little did these two know, thing were about to get interesting really fast. Mia’s Dad and Brad’s Mom are getting married to each other! Things just got real for these two, with their desire for each other just below the surface and Mia not wanting Brad to know that she is still into him.

Brad seems to be a little dominate in the bedroom, once these to finally did the do and they got together every change they got. In-spite of the ex-stepsister, ex-girlfriend and the serial rapist that threaten to come between them.

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