Book Review: Sea Bride- Children of the Waves ~ LaVerne Thompson

In Sea Bride- Children of the Waves, author LaVerne Thompson, takes us on an adventure through the sea. When Cori was younger she stumbled across a younger look Xavior, thinking he was hurt. Unbeknownst to Xavior he met his bride that date, fast forward 10 or 15 years later Cori win a trip on an ocean-liner. However she spends her first four days with seasickness, once that as subsided she and her best friend Des leave there cabin. Xavior on the other hand has almost given up hope of finding his bride until he is drawn to look from his balcony to the deck and see Cori. The meet has Xavior comes out of the elevator as Cori and Des are going back their room. One thing leads to another Cori fall overboard and Xaivor jumps into the water after her. Taking her to his world showing the amazing world beneath the sea.

This book ended too quickly and I am certain there is more to Xav and Cori’s story.

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