Book Reveiw: Mating Rights (Mating Heat #1) ~ Jaide Fox

In Mating Rights (Mating Heat #1), author Jaide Fox, gives us a different spin on wolves claiming a mate. Jaxon, a trusted wolf to the Alpha and other are going around securing females for the Moonlight Festival (a festival where unmated female wolves are brought to select a mate.) We meet Mali and her family, they have kept Mali hidden from those who would round up the maidens for the festival. Mali is caught by Jaxon and taken away to participate in the festival. On the first night of the festival Mali feel her heat stronger than before, even though she is looking for away of escape she trials Jaxon to see what he is doing. Caught by Jaxon once again, Mali is in full blown heat and seeking relief. These two have another mating, but Mail won’t fully commit, rouge bears attack and Mali secret is out, nevertheless Mali chooses Jaxon as her mate.

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