My Musings & My Thoughts on Exodus Gods & Kings

Exodus-Gods-and-Kings-Poster-Bale-and-EdgertonAs I sit here and watch the “artistic” telling of Exodus: Gods & Kings, I cannot help but to say that there will never be a better remake of the The Ten Commandments, starring Charleston Heston. Having a child play this voice of  “I AM” was total RIDICULOUS. There was so many things that were wrong with this movie. Moses etching out the Ten Commandments, REALLY!!!! The parting of the Red Sea vs rolling back of the tide showed better cinematics. The calling of Moses sound like Mosher. It was so far from the biblical reenactment that I cannot believe that I  wasted 2hr and 26 minutes of my day watching it. I really like watching movies with Christian Bale. He is a great actor, but this movie did not do God or him any justice.

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