Book Review: Pain Lived, Love Found ~ Thalia Lake

Pain lived Love FoundIn Pain Lived, Love Found, author Thalia Lake introduces us to the Paris family. This family put the funk in dysfunctional. The baby sister Sloane Paris, begins telling the story of her family from her weak willed mother and manipulative father who would cheat on his wife at every given opportunity. Sadly, the story that Sloane tells about her family happens in reality. Some don’t have her happy ending. This story will take you through all types of emotions from wanting to throttle her mother and her older sister Sarah to wishing that you could walk the dog and stomp a mud hole into her father.

The bright spot in this story is when Sloane meets Luca. It is an instant attraction on both sides; however, the things that have happen with her family threaten to tear them apart before they start. Luca is not so easily dissuaded and will show Sloane that she is and they are worth fighting for.

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