Book Review: Mr Malloy ~ Cherry Kay

Mr. MalloryIn Mr Malloy, author Cherry Kay, we meet Amara a student from South Africa who journeys to America for an American education in Law. While in Law School, Amara meets Jason Mallory her professor who likes the eagerness of Amara as a student. Daddy dear is cold as the come…SMH that he would sabotage his own daughter the way that he did. Agent Davies in this book was so jaded.

This book could have been rated as a good read, however; felt the the author lost it by overgeneralizing and word usage. In passages such as “Mr. Finchley had been a judge a thousand years ago…” If this were a true statement Mr. Finchley would not be alive to have a conversation with Jason Mallory. In my mind a professor does not think or talk like this.

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