Book Review: Her Viking Wolves ~ Theodora Taylor

Her Viking WolvesI received this story as a ARC, in Her Viking Wolves, author Theodora Taylor, takes us on another delightful journey of fated mates travelling forward in time. This time Chole Adams sons travel to the time of their mother to find their fated mate. FJ is not as interested in finding their fated mate and send his younger brother through the portal as Olafr is wounded in battle with dragon shifters. Just as FJ is about to rescue his sister he has to use the fated mate spell before he is attacked.

The Detroit Princess Tiara “Tee” has just learned that her fiance prefers her twin brother Clyde the hard way, so she calls off their engagement and flees to Alaska. Now the fun just is just about to start as first Olafr come through the portal and Tee feel her body respond, although she is not sure why. FJ and Olafr recognize Tee has their fated mate and inform her of this, this does not go over well with Tee at all.

My favorite she-wolf of this series Tu (this she wolf has no filter and speaks her mind), has me cracking up when she gets a good look at Olafr and FJ as well. Tee who believes that she will remain an unheated female suddenly goes into heat and it on and poppin’ from there as the heat overtakes her and Tee does not understand what is going on (Funniest part ever, I laughed so hard that I cried), once she realizes it. It’s too late to stop Olafr from claiming her and FJ as well. As with all good stories, there are roadblocks which cause trouble for Tee and her Viking Mates, her ‘father’ would have her marry Kyle, but his plans are thawed with FJ and Olafr show up to claim there mate; however, this does not stop Tee’s father in one last ditch effort to remove FJ and Olafr from Tee. Our Viking wolf FJ (who brought a knife to a gun fight) defeated those who would stand between him and Tee.

A must read with a surprising ending, I am ready for the next installment of this Viking series.

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