Book Review: Noelle’s Rock ~ Theresa Hodge

In her booNoelle_s Rockk Noelle’s Rock, author Theresa Hodge pairs two unlike people together. Noelle has just informed her live-in boyfriend Victor that she is pregnant with their child and Victor tells her to get and abort. An argument ensue between the couple causing Noelle to leave. Has Noelle is driving trying to clear her head and understand why the man she loves and who is suppose to love her doesn’t want their child. Trying to avoid hitting a deer Noelle lands her car in a ditch as she spots a house in the distance she goes to see if they have a phone she can use. “Barry” [who is Beau Barringer – hot rock star], initial is hostile toward Noelle believing the she is a report who has encroached on his space. Even thought Beau allow Noelle in to take shelter, he still check to see if her story about her car is true, it is. Beau is attached to Noelle and one thing leads to another as these to find themselves burning up the sheets. Noelle cannot seem to get “Barry” off her mind, her friend Shelby invites her to a concert and Noelle finds out that “Barry” is Beau Barringer – hot rock star. After the concert, Shelby and Noelle are backstage and Noelle plans to give “Barry” a piece of her mind, she faints. Beau is drawn to the woman who faints backstage as she seems familiar to him. It’s Noelle, he has not been able to get her off his mind. As Beau whisk Noelle away to the penthouse were they burn up the sheets again as Beau declares his love for her and claims her as his. As with every good story, there are roadblocks, in the form of Victor (who Noelle finds already has a one-year old son with an older women and he never told Noelle) and Courtney Nicks, Beau’s rock star old girlfriend. Even though his band member know he loves Noelle they can see that Beau just might give in to the temptation that is Courtney Nicks! It just got REAL!!!

I am staying tuned for part 2 due out in November, I am a big believer in the power of love [yes, even for those in books] and hope that Beau and Noelle can survive the storm.

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