Book Review: Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire ~ Shani Greene-Dowdell

Breathless 2In Breathless 2: In Love With An Alpha Billionaire, author Shani Greene-Dowdell, picks up where the first book leaves off, where Justine has pistol whipped Destiny after tricking Jacob to come to her “bedside.” Justine is truly has gangsta tendencies, are you sure this is not a black chick?. I mean almost the characters talk like they are black. IJS. Anyway, Justine is taken down and Destiny is taken to the hospital, Jacob tries to see her. What is unreal is that as her fiancee he should be allow to see her, in this case he isn’t thanks to her mother and her ex-husband Montie. You have to give it to Mama Clara though, she made sure Jacob was not able to get near Destiny hoping that Montie could slide right back in where she thought he should be. With Jacob “MIA” or so Destiny thought, why didn’t she just call him if she had would have not given up the cookie to Montie. In this book Jacob is more of an Alpha male than he was in the first book. Near the end we found out who the man is who left Mama Clara cold and bitter. Wow.

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