Book review | My thoughts—Hush 1–Family Secrets

Book one of the Hush series by author Blue Saffire, we once again meet Uri, the British Italian enforcer of the Donati family. Unbeknownst to Uri, he is set-up to choose Val or Valentina as his wife. Val is the enforcer for the Caprisi family; however, few know that she is a woman. At a very young age, Val witnessed the brutal murder of her mother and older sister. The Donati and Caprisi families have some idea of who is behind the murders, but they do not know all the players. A lot of misunderstands between these two, Uri and Valentina, but once these two realized they are really in love with each other, nothing will stand in there way. Uri will stop at nothing to ‘hush’ those who seek to harm his family.

I love the Alpha males in Blue Saffire’s books, they are all rich, good-looking, and all male. Make a woman wish men like this existed in real life and not just on paper.

Stories by Blue Saffire are a must-read!

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