Book Review: Tomahawk ~ Erica Hale

TomahawkIn Tomahawk, author Erica Hale, takes us on a ride through our nation’s capital and through the secrets at the White House. Vic is called by the hospital as an emergency contact for his former girlfriend Tonya. Tonya has been beaten, raped and left for dead by an unknown assailant. Vic is still in love with Tonya, even though he broke her heart five years ago and feels nothing for him now. It is not until Vic hear the name “Tomahawk” he realizes that this is personal and it may have to do with a horrible crime he committed five years ago which cause him to break Tonya’s heart.

Who know the First Lady was so evil and that she had started a set of events that left not only her son dead, Tonya left for dead and Vic one less team member.

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