Book Review: The Stranger’s Baby ~ Tasha Blue

The Strangers BabyIn The Stranger’s Baby, Chloe yearns for a baby and decides to get artificially inseminated. (This reminds me of that Movie that stared Jennifer Lopez called “The Backup Plan“) and that is the only part that reminds me of that movie. Chloe meets Lucas, the artist the become friend and she even models for him. One night after an event they hit the sheets and the next morning Lucas lets Chloe know that he wants more than a one night-stand and unlike Zoe, Chloe does not tell Lucas that she is pregnant. I don’t agree with how her best friend told her to handle the situation and her delivery could have been a lot more friendly and how she came across. The mother had some good points. Lucas has the eye of an artist and Chloe being an interior decorator should have known that he was going to notice the changes with her body. The character Chloe was just to dumb for words…the end in her case does not justify the means. She gets mad at him for a lie somebody else told, while all the time she has omitted telling him that she is pregnant.

As far as the writing goes it was too wordy and descriptive in some areas throughout the book and there were phrases that just did not make sense.

Here are a few of the phrases I did not understand:

  • ‘May finally heard something that took her out of second gear.’ What does this even mean?
  • “You can’t come crawling through my window like a dog!” There have been rarely and I do mean rarely, have I ever seen a dog crawl through a window.

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