Book Review: Word of Honor ~ Tiana Laveen

Word of HonorWord of Honor, pick up where The N’ Word leave off, Aaron just learns he had been catfished by Mia, who he believe to be Melissa. Mia who is really in love with Aaron tries to undo the damage that she has done, with the help of Dr. Owen Mia spends some one-on-one time with Aaron and the sparks fly between these two as well as the sheets. Marcus, who Aaron spoke with while they were both in Holman, come across some vital information regarding Aaron and his case. Aaron is released and seeks out his to favorite people his daughter and Mia. Aaron also seeks out Marcus to thank him and let him know if he needs anything to give him a call. As Aaron and Mia start their lives together, unbeknownst to Mia someone is now gunning for them. A threat comes to Mia that has Aaron moving them to his house in West Virginia. Things are looking good for Aaron and Mia after their move, until Aaron sues for custody of his daughter Laura and Sarah seeks revenge by sending those who are looking to kill Aaron to his front door.

Author Tiana Laveen gives insight into the thoughts of Aaron, Mia, Marcus, Dr. Owens, as well as a little insight into Sarah drawing us into this story of what happens when a racist man falls in love with a woman of color. If you cannot stomach, the gamut racial slurs that are contained in this book I would advise against reading it, otherwise I would recommend this as a book as a good read.

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