Book Review: Steel Justice (A Romantic Suspense) ~ Dez Burke

Steel JusticeIn Steel Justice (A Romantic Suspense), it was great to read about those Mason men again. It feels strange calling the bad boys of the Steel Infidels MC boys. This story is about Jesse finding love with Trish sister to Ty. Ty is the VP of the Liberators. During bike week in Pamana City, Jesse sees Trish in a bar he and MC frequent and is instant lust with her, he has to have her, however Trish shoots him down. Later that night/morning once Trish gets back to her room, she is greeted by Big Roy, who makes her skin crawl and he tells her that she will be moving in with him and become his ‘ol lady’. Well Trish is not having any of that, she hightails it out of the room that she is sharing with her brother unsure of where to go. As her luck would have it she runs into Jesse and goes back with him to his room. As Trish and Jesse grow closer obstacles fall in there way, betrayal, lies and the Liberators. Soon the threat is gone and Jesse is able to claim Trish again.

Can’t wait for Sam’s story.

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