Book Review: I Want To Be Yours ~ D.M. Mortier

I want to be yoursIn I Want To Be Yours, meet Nico and Mari, who both have feeling for each other but cannot act on them because Nico is married. Until one night Nico goes home to find his wife Celina entertaining someone in there bed. As a man who care nothing about his wife, I tried to figure out why he was drinking so much at the dissolving of a marriage that he no longer has any interest in. Working late at the office Mari hear a crash and goes to investigate in Nico’s office she finds Nico drinking straight for the bottle and offers her assistance, one thing leads to another and Nico [unbeknownst to him the Mari is a virgin] takes her virginity. After their exchange Nico makes in plain to Mari that want he wants and she lets him know that she cannot accept his terms. Mari finds out she is pregnant and tells Nico after they spend another passion filled night together, but instead of him being happy he dismisses her from his life. Four years past and they see each other again and Nico is taken aback at the little girl that he see with Mari. Nico decides that he will move mountains to not only claim is daughter but Mari too.

Had to add the song that Mari loved in this post: You by Jesse Powell.

<p><a href=”″>Jesse Powell, You</a> from <a href=””>steve willis</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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