Book Review: Crossing The Line ~ Aisha M. Taylor

Crossing the Line.jpgCrossing The Line, is a book the defines that a person can find love in the most unexpected places and with the person they didn’t know they were looking for, it kind of reminds me of the movie Something New. Shawna was not looking for love, she found it just the same with Virgil, a gothic rockstar. This story was not without its obstacles for Shawna and Virgil. Shawna’s first boyfriend Derrick tired to make his presence felt and known to Shawna and Virgil’s toxic ex Janet was making waves, not to mention Shawna’s bestie Mikki who is in love with Shawna and Virgil’s mom. Virgil proved that his love for Shawna matter above all else and he prove not only to be something new, something different, but someone worth keeping.

There were times in this book where I wanted to slap Shawna, Mikki, Virgil, Janet, Virgil’s mom and Derrick. This was well written story that was a little fast paced.

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