Book Review: Dick: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance ~ Nikki Wild

DickDick: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance, most would look at this story as taboo. Richard and Jessica aren’t related by blood just by marriage. Richard is for a better work a “Dick.” Showing up to her “party” and starting a game of truth or dare Dick knew what he was doing. He desired Jessica and Jessica desired him. I didn’t like her ex-boyfriend Michael, you could tell that there was something not quite right about him and her “bestie” Becky, knows nothing about girl code, lusting after Jessica’s ex, spelled trouble from the start. It was nice of Dick to give up a Yale education so that he could keep an eye on Michael and Jessica, for different reasons. Who knew Jessica liked a little kink. Really sad about what happened to Becky and really glad that Michael got what was coming to him, although we really don’t know if he and the rest of his cronies went to prison.

The book was a little fast paced for me and not quite what I was expecting. I received this book for an honest review and I can honestly say it was an okay read.


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