Book Review: Crossing The Line 2 ~ Aisha M. Taylor

Whew! This book had so much going on with it so many different couples that it did not focus entirely on Mikki and Rob. This book left so many loose ends, I hope there is another to tie them all up.

Mikcrossing the lines 2ki/Rob – in book One Rob made is interest known to Mikki at first introduction. Although she was not having any of it. When Mikki finally gave in, these two burned up the sheets and continued to do so despite Mikki’s feels for her bff Shawna. Rob and Mikki get in to a heated disagreement and she tells him once they get back from their trip he need to get his stuff and get out. These two aren’t exactly doing get without each other and Shawna gives Mikki a few hard truths and lets Mikki know that she is aware of Mikki’s feels for her. Mikki calls Rob but gets his voicemail, next thing she knows Rob is at her door. They begin to open up about their lives and Mikki tells him that Shawna was aware of her feelings.

Janet/Exodus/Keisha/Lolli – It lots like someone is out to get Janet to tank her career before she can get it back on track. Pictures arrive at her house of her and her ex-Exodus in ecrotic positions. Unbeknownst to Janet and Exodus, his ex-wife Keisha is pulling the strings and hired Lolli to get all the pictures of every woman Exodus has ever been with. Things take a shocking turn when Exodus decides to end it all. One thing Keisha wasn’t thinking about when she planned her revenge against Exodus make sure you can handle the outcoming that your actions have set in motion.

Janet/Derek – Well this one was an interesting turn of events. Mikki seeks out Derek to check in on Janet and counsel her, but he is also counselling her father unaware of this until he is sitting at Janet’s house speaking with her and Oliver walks in. Things also get physical between these two and Oliver winds up in the hospital and Janet learns that Derek knew of her father’s condition.

Rodger/Ivanna/Antonio – Rodger is tongue tied around his boyhood crush. Ivanna feels the what is between herself and Rodger. This couples also hits the sheets and continue hitting them hot and heavy. An old flame of Ivanna’s enters the picture attempting to get Ivanna back. Rodger does some investigating on his own and what he learns has him wanting to get Antonio out of their lives for good.

Shawna/Virgil – I have to agree with Mikki’s thought of Shawna’s feels toward Janet. Virgil should have been totally honest with Shawna about everything instead of keeping so many secrets.

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