Book Review: The Perfect Gift: A BWWM Christmas Romance ~ Cristina Grenier

The Perfect GiftI enjoyed reading this book, although it took place more so over Thanksgiving rather than Christmas. Roxanne “Roxy” Baxter, (glad she took her maiden name back) son Lionel was very sick little boy. Dr. Ben Holland, (Also glad there was a little back story on Dr. Benjamin “Ben” Holland) enters their lives wanting Roxy and wanting to make Lionel “Lionheart” well again. At first Roxy fights her attraction to the good Dr. and Ben makes sacrifices not only to save Lionel, but other children in the cancer ward who are being “treated” by Dr. Jones who spends more time at conferences, than with his patiences. At the pushing of her friends Roxy invites Ben to have Thanksgiving dinner at her home with Lionel. That is one Thanksgiving neither one of them will ever forget. As their relationship progresses Roxy learns what Ben did to be able treat Lionel. She invites him to her mom’s house for Christmas dinner and things start to go left when Lionel get sick and become unresponsive. When Roxy learns that Lionel lost his kidneys she looses it and lashes out at Ben. Will Ben and Roxy receive the perfect gift?

The only negative comments I have to make are: I am not sure where the author was going when she referred to Roxy as the dark-skinned women, nurse, young woman, or other phrases she used to describe her as well as for Ben, the dark haired man. It was like she was trying to meet a word quota.

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