Book Review: Don’t Tell My Husband 2 ~ Sapphire


Again another interesting story. Callie and Emerald are taken away on a ship to parts unknown. Waylan and Jackson have made a deal with their grandfather. Emerald loses part of her left pinky finger and both she a Callie must become a part of the clan. Waylan and Jackson’s much Duchess has plans of her own for these two couples. As Jackson and Emerald have a battle of the minds we see they both come out a winner. Callie leaves Waylan to deal her own brand of justice to her husband and his girl-friend knowing that she is pregnant with Waylan’s baby. Will Callie tell Waylan about the child they created? Will Emerald and Jackson be able to build upon the foundation of love they have discovered with one another? I was shocked as Callie to find out that Waylan and Jackson’s grandmother was Mrs. Gibbs.

On to reading book three, I hope that chick Megan gets what is coming to her. I cannot wait to see how book number three ends.

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