Book Review: Falling For An Alpha Billionaire 2 ~ Sapphire

FFAAB2Aww suki, suki now, things just got real. Edwin and Janelle reach his property in Italy and the drama ensues first from his mother Adele (I think she may be related to Mommy Dearest). Edwin and Janelle hit a few snags on the way to Italy and just after getting there, but so things are ironed out. Janelle seems not to know that you don’t go telling other people’s business, she does not know Callie or Waylan like that to be telling Trish their problems. It appears that not only Callie and Waylan are hitting rough waters, but Collier and Duchess too. Collier and Duchess have fought so hard to be together and now that they finally are things are going south and fast. Janelle also learns that all is not want it seems with her father, she has her suspicion about her mother to but we learn that they are nothing like she thinks. After the Duchess and Janelle talk to Callie, she does some soul searching before she loses Waylan for good. Honestly, you can’t help but understand how she feels. Thing take an interest turn at Edwin’s birthday party and Frannie learns of a potential new threat. Looking forward to reading book three of this series.

On another note the author really needs a good editor or proofreader, word processing application can only go so far and catch so much.

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