Book Review: Falling For An Alpha Billionaire ~ Sapphire

FFAABSo we have Edwin’s story, I can already tell this is going to be a good one. Edwin is recruited by his father as a favor to an old friend to make the old friend’s daughter feel better about herself. Edwin believe that this will be an easy assignment and he finds out rather quickly it will not be as easy as he believed. Edwin is more alpha than both his brothers Waylan and Jackson. Once Janelle and Edwin hit the sheet they can’t stop which somehow brings about a change in how Edwin is feeling about the situation. During Edwin’s time together his mother keeps calling which is a point of contention for Edwin. Janelle lets Edwin know that he is not the first person that her father has brought before her and that he needs to leave. Edwin lets her know that he is not going anywhere without her and that she will be accompanying him to Italy.

Will Janelle and Edwin’s relationship survive the storm that Adel is brewing? What happened to the side-piece that cut-up Janelle’s face?

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