Book Review: TOMMY GABRINI 2: A PLACE IN HIS HEART (The Gabrini Men Series Book 3)

Tommy Gabrini 2Book 2 of Tommy Gabrini’s story and book 3 of this series will definitely have you wanting more of Tommy and Sal. Tommy Gabrini can be a beast both in and out of bed. He is a man with a heart of gold and will protect Grace at all cost. This book picks back up where book 1 of the series left off where Tommy has proposed to Grace and she said “YES!” Now the shock in this book folks is the lengths people will go to rip these two apart. There are two unexpected deaths in this book and Grace starts to learn who her friends really are when Tommy hands over his shares to the company that she works for to her. We, Sal and Grace learn things about Tommy and his father take when don’t see coming until seconds before its revealed. Buckle in when reading this book folks, it going to be a bumpy and wild ride. Will Grace survie Tommy’s ex’s? Will Tommy and Grace handle the Hurricane Jilly and family? Mallory Monroe does the damn thang is this story, can’t wait to complete this series.

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