Book Review: Raquel’s Mane ~ Kortni Renea

RMOkay, when I first started reading this book, I am not going to lie, I almost did not finish it. The beginning was borning and the fact that the first three words at the beginning of almost every chapter were condensed, things did not get interesting until Diesel was in Loving Hands and Raquel entered. The author really did her homework in detailing the history and what happens when lions come together and/or mate. In this story we meet Diesel Crew, Beta to the SWPC, who has just discovered money missing from the Pride’s accounts and has decided to go get the answers from the Pride’s finance manage Thaddeus Williams. Raquel Sinclair former girlfriend of Thad, just discovered that her money has gone missing and is looking for Thaddeus as well. Diesel and Raquel try hard not to give in to the pull they feel. Neither one can explain, although Raquel tries to deny what she is feeling for Diesel. When Diesel assist Raquel in searching for the twin who live at Loving Hands, things take a turn for the interesting as Diesel reveals himself to Raquel. Will Raquel except all who Diesel is, when she learns of his dual nature?

Can’t wait to read more about this explosive couple, Blaize/Aspen and the rest of the pride members.

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