Book Review~How I See It: The Marriage Clause ~ Dahlia Rose

TMCIndia Newton and Major Mikael Nolan have been best friends forever and one drunken night(after discussing their broken relationships; he with the money hungry ex and she with the cheating ex) they take their relationship past the boundaries of friendship. India learns that she is pregnant from their night of drunken passion, only that she also learns of the marriage contract that their meddles bat-sh!# crazy grandmothers drew-up years ago. Once Mikael learns that India is carrying his child he is happy although he wanted to see where things were going to go after that night, but she kept avoiding his calls. Will India and Mikael live happily ever after or will his crazy money hungry ex derail their relationship?

I liked this story, the grans were funny and there was a little light drama from Mikael ex-girlfriend.

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