Book Review~How I See It: Two Billionaires And Me: A BWWM Menage Romance For Adults ~ J A Fielding, BWWM Club


I was very disappointed in this book, the ending was lacking and left me wanting more. Chloe White is no Olivia Pope although the author kept making the reference. As a fan of Scandal, I was very offended by the reference. Matt Zimmerman who had been in love with Chloe since high school, believes he finally has a chance with the girl he has crushed on for ages, only to find out that his archrival has beaten him to the punch and he now has to share her with Pierre. Pierre Savant who is going through personal issues with his soon to be ex-wife enlist the services of Chloe to help him gain full-custody of his girls without exposing them to the public. Pierre also wants Chloe in the worst way, although he is still having relations with his assistant.

So if Chole White is “Olivia Pope” which of the men in her life are Jake and Fitz? Not worth the $3.99 to own this book. Glad I have KU.

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