Book Review~How I See It: Her Russian Beast: 50 Loving States, New Mexico ~ Theodora Taylor


ARC Review: Whoa, what a ride! My hat is off to you Ms. Taylor for gracing us with another excellent book. I know Thel’s story was going to be something else, especially when her mother knew what was coming. I LOVE Thel and Willa’s mom, I hope to see her in future books.

Thel was running away from the memory of her brother’s death when she meets Beast better known as Biar Rustavon at an underground fight where she worked. At their meeting either was prepared for what was to happen next as she tried hard to keep him from another fight and he informed she had two choices. After informing him that she was not scared of him she chose the latter of the two. Beast intended to walk away from Sirena (Thel), he found that he could not. As she faced danger at the hands of her employer Beast comes to her rescue, he makes her an offer that she really should really refuse, to become his pet. Upon a medical discovery Sirena gives the men that watching her the slip and runs to her sister Willa.

In this book we find out so much about not only Thel, we also learn a little more about Alexi. I would recommend this a great read to anyone. Can’t wait to read Ivan’s story. Again, I love how this author ties all of her characters together.

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