Book Review~How I See It: Bad Boy’s Baby ~ Sosie Frost

28092306I enjoyed reading this book, although when it first started out Jack was way too much to take in. In my opinion Jack makes Terrell Owens look good and not by comparison. Leah is Jack’s publicist who steadily tries unsuccessfully to keep him out of trouble. After another incident, Jack has a brilliant idea and pulls Leah in with him, by in forming the league President that they are dating. Leah is none to happy with the turn of events. Jack proceed to try and insinuate himself not only into Leah’s life but her pants as well. Leah fights him every step of the way. Once these two hit the sheets and Leah become pregnant you would think that it is smooth sailing, NOT! Jack is still having problems, even while he is trying to change. He cannot catch a break, from the media, the league or Leah. When Jack gets hurt and the coach doesn’t see about him, it made believe that the coach set it up to happen.

One thing that I did not like when Leah referred to Jack as being a god. The writer used an uppercase “G” rather than a lowercase “g.”

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