Book Review~How I See It: Keep (Romanian Mob Chronicles Book 1) ~ Kaye Blue

KeepI like this book, it showed a softer side of a Romanian mob boss and very well written. I like that it provided the perspectives of characters, Fawn, Vasile as well as David.

In Keep, we meet Fawn and Vasile. Fawn who is in a situation that she cannot get out of because she fell for the wrong guy. As Vaslie is doing business with her tormentor, he takes in Fawn and notices how she moves, he is also disturbed by her presence at the meeting he is having with David. David, who believes he owns Fawn and has the right to degrade her in front of Vasile, offers her to Vasile for one night, but he has to watch. When Vasile leaves David’s house he takes Fawn with him. Fawn not understanding what is going on and thinking that she has been released from one cage to another is wreay of Vasile.

After giving shelter to Fawn for one night Vasile tells Fawn that she is free to go; however, Fawn tells him she wants to stay. No longer denying the attraction to each they give over to their passion for one another. Will Fawn and Vasile survive what is to come? Will David succeed in getting Fawn back under his control?

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