Book Review~How I See It:I Love You More Than ~ Kortni Renea

23336913In I Love You More Than, we are introduced to Felicia Montgomery, single mother with a baby daddy from hell. Felicia has always been in love with her best friend Emma’s big brother Harrison Kincaid (unbeknownst to Emma and Felicia, Harrison has always been in love with Felicia); however by the time Harrison decided to act on his feelings Felicia had been introduced to David. In the beginning David was the cat’s meow and once he got Felicia he started showing his true colors. David became controlling, mentally and physically abusive toward Felicia and Felicia wanting to make sure her girls had both parents in the home stayed with David.

Almost two decades later, Felicia and Harrison cross paths again and Harrison is set on making Felicia his. As Harrison and Felicia grow closer and Felicia starts making moves to rid herself and her girls of David’s presence in their lives. David decides that it is time to give Felicia his special brand of loving. When Felicia rejects his advances, this enrages David and he becomes physical. Unknown to David and Felicia the girls hear the altercation and call their grandfather Felicia’s dad, who in turn calls Harrison. Harrison and Jacob (Felicia’s dad) have a come to Jesus meeting with David and remove him from Felicia and the girls lives.

Will Felicia trying to keep David in the lives of their children ruin her relationship with Harrison?

I liked reading this story; however, I am confused about one thing: Who is Jax? Did I miss something? I know that Harrison is known by “H” or “Son,” where did Jax come from? This book and Raquel’s Mane are my favorite books by this author.

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