Book Review | My thoughts—Brothers Black 1 · Wyatt the Heartbreaker

My oh my oh my. Blue Saffire has done it again. Hmmm, love the alpha males that she brings to life. I think I just found my new boyfriend Wyatt! LOL, but seriously. I love the way she connects the characters of her books.

Wyatt is the oldest son of Joe and Cassidy Black. He has been deemed the heartbreaker, by many and he hates that title. Wyatt is looking for something special he just doesn’t know what that special is until he see Nellie. Nellie has come back home to California, but she is also running away from the trouble she left back in Seattle. The trouble is not of her making, but of the crazy ex-boyfriend who didn’t know much about Nellie as he thought that she did. When Wyatt first lays eyes on Nellie, he wants to lay not just eyes, but hands, mouth and body. Can Wyatt overcome his “Heartbreaker” stigma and win Nellie mind, body and soul? or will this heartbreaker become one of the broken hearted?

This book had me laughing, crying and wanting a Wyatt. I would recommend this book to anyone who love a good alpha male with a heart of gold story. Can’t wait to read more of the Brothers Black.

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Legally Bound 4 – Allegations of Love is next.

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