Book Review~How I See It: The President’s Girlfriend (The President’s Girlfriend #1) ~ Mallory Monroe

12406606I have read many stories about a President and having a black girlfriend, wife or mistress. In this story Regina and Dutch start out as a one night stand. They meet years earlier in an hotel where they are both staying for different reasons and they hit is off. After a night of passion, Regina tips out on Dutch never to be hear from again or so he thinks.

Regina’s trip to DC to be honor by the President take a sharp left has she tells him in no uncertain terms what she thinks of him and is Presidential decision making. Dutch at first doesn’t remember her, but Regina remembers him vividly. As he finally discovers who she is he wants pick back up where they left off, however, he wants more than a one night stand.

Things from Regina present and past threaten to destroy not just her, Dutch and his bid for re election, not to mention Dutch’s former bedmate who tells the world that she is carrying his baby. Will Regina and Dutch survive the storm or will the storm tear them apart?

I am not sure if I will continue with this series or not. It did not grab my attention like Big Daddy Sinatra and those Gabrini men.

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