Book Review~How I See It: The Billionaire’s Love Child ~ C.J. Howard

24832210The Billionaire’s Love Child, an ARC review: It was a really good read; however, I really wish Kevin was more Alpha male. The wife had more balls than he did for lack of a better word. I really wish the writer would have done more research and made the lawyer (Jacob) a bit more smarter than he was portrayed. The way this played out Kevin could have walked away and Ellen would have gotten nothing which is what she deserved. First of all, the following were applicable to the married and subsequent divorce in Kevin’s favor: 1) alienation of affection; 2) fraud and 3) adultery just to name a few. The character Kevin was too noble.

Marina, I just do not know what to say about her. First of all, her ex-leaves her at the altar: 1) I would have sent whatever letter or postcard back to him shredded in pieces, like he left my heart and 2) I would not even entertained any kind of relationship with him. He was to close to forcing himself on her in my opinion.

Overall, Kevin and Marina gave each other something that they needed.

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