Book Review~How I See It: Tommy Gabrini 4: Dapper Tom Begin Again (The Gabrini Men Series) ~ Mallory Monroe

24935425So did not expect this book to open with a bang. Kind of feeling how Ms. Monroe is starting with the ending then bringing us up to speed. Okay, I will say it again. I love these Gabrini men. I love Tommy’s alpha male with helping of sensitivity. I am so not feeling the Liz or Ed for that matter. Grace pissed me off in this book. She knows how important Tommy’s daughter is to him and she let’s her rebound husband (yes, I know she left Tommy, but she still loves him, I don’t care what she says.) talk her into limiting Tommy’s visits with his child. Girl should have known Tommy was not going to hear or see that.

Liz reminds me too much of Tommy’s ex ShoShawna. I have to admit girl know what she like when she see Tommy. Sal is too much for me (he cracks me up). Liz came with her own type of drama and she didn’t have a clue. I wonder how Sal explained to Gemma about her sister, or did he.

Well, I for one am not feeling the relationship between Tommy and Liz, I was really rooting for him and Grace to go the distance. Frankly how could Grace leave Tommy? He gave her and out and she did not take it. So now my question is will Tommy and Liz go the distance or will Tommy be singing along with Lenny Williams to Grace?

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