Book Review~How I See It: Tommy Gabrini: The Grace Factor ~ Mallory Monroe

28254228Watch out there now, Ms. Monroe. You did the darn thing with this one. Although I will say that it ended to quick for me. I knew there was some reason I did not like Liz or Ed. Sure Liz was a ride or die chick, but dang, heifer stand with and by your man. If I had a man like Tommy who has it and can work it. I would be right by his side, under his desk (opps I meant his arm). Chick went there with Tommy and she went there hard, then she had the nerve to bad mouth Grace. Seriously, she had to go.

Ed, all I can say is that he was some kind of special. Ms. Monroe, you knew what you were doing when you wrote it so that Tommy’s people could not find anything on Ed. I cracked up when Grace started beating Ed with the shower curtain rod. Ed thought that Grace was weak-will, but soon found out otherwise. Grace was getting tired of old boy Ed and her feeling that she buried for Tommy were resurfacing with a vengeance.

Man, oh man oh man. Grace and Ed should have known that Tommy was going to find out about the domestic disturbance. How Ed thought he was going to come away from that, I don’t know. Liz, Liz Liz, girl thought she had Tommy in the bag and that he was going to wait around for her, not so. Liz became a non-factor when he reunited with Grace. Tommy is one smooth cat.

OMGoodness, I love Sal! He is a no hold bars, tell it like it is and I don’t care how you feel when I am done telling you kind of man. Sal, keeps it 100 for real. I like Reno too, just need to read more of his story and I cannot wait to get to know Mick!

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