Book Review~How I See It: Wicked Games ~ Maureen Smith

28280575I loved the story. Reid is so deliciously “Alpha Male.” Reid “The Rocket” Holder saw Nadia at a Denver Rebel practice, he could not keep is his eyes off of her. Reid and Nadia felt an instant attraction, one which Nadia fought hard to deny. One she swore never to become involved with a jock again after what had happened in her past with jocks. Reid, however, was persistent and would not give up until Nadia agreed to go out with him. They both fell for each other hard. Nadia asked one thing of Reid and that was to never hurt her.

Can’t wait to read about Viggo and Scarlett.

Will Reid and Nadia have a happy ever-after or will puck bunnies, families and forces beyond their control ruin a good thing?

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