Book Review~How I See It: Wolf’s Temptation (Caedmon Wolves Book 7) ~ Ambrielle Kirk and Amber Ella Monroe

28197600I was provided this book for an honest review. I love reading stories involving wolves! I enjoyed this story of Dawson finding his mate. Dawson Caedmon, the younger brother of the Devin, is the partying playboy and is known for just that. Alessia is special as in different from others and her father has gone a long way to protect her from her mother’s family. Alessia attends a party that is invitation only by her friend who is to sick to attend to only find out the the crest that has seen in her dreams in the one place she feels she never should have come. Dawson and Alessia fill the pull and know what each other is (although Alessia is not aware that she is a witch).

While this book is an excellent read it most rather quickly, while some where answered near the ends of the book, there were some left unanswered questions for me. This book brought something full circle to know that Dawson and Alessia were connected in more ways than one, only her family (on her mother’s side was evil). The depth of feeling Dawson and Alessia felt has he tried to come to her rescue and she thought that harm had befallen him at her aunt’s hand was felt by me.

I would recommend reading the first six books before reading this one to catch up on the backstory of who all of the character’s mentioned in this book are.

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