Book Review~How I See It: Niko (Love me Harder, #2) ~ Serena Simpson

25411209Give me more of this type of book. Dee has been working for Dare brothers for years, unbeknownst to them and her she is mate to the third Dare brother Niko. In their world things work in order. Aran being the first brother found his mate in Rena, Dee’s best friend. In Aran, Niko had laid claim to Dee when Rena and Dee first visited Aran’s home. Upon hearing Dee had been kidnapped Niko went crazy. Dee had been kidnapped by one of the Created. When they recovered her Dee was not the same, her mind kept revisiting her ordeal and Niko became her silent and invisible protector. Dee could never see him but she knew that he was there.

Okay, these girls have a thing about running from what they have requested to see. First Rena runs to the bathroom and Dee runs to the closet to hide. I laughed so hard that I cried. Dee shares the brothers love for cars. The one common factor in all the books is Dante, although not one of this set of brothers Dante is like Aran and his brothers.

Will the other brother find their mates? Will the Created succeed in destroying the Dare brothers and their mates?

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