Book Review~How I See It: Rescued By Tordin (Olodian Alien Warrior, #1) ~ Mychal Daniels

26367697In Rescued By Tordin; Olodian Alien Warrior Romance, author Mychal Daniels take reader to another galaxy. Meet Kyra, a black woman from earth who works on a space station with and overbearing sexually harassing boss, Brantely. Brantely makes one wrong move to many and Kyra throws her coffee at him and he “fires” her. Something goes terribly wrong with the space station which puts lives in danger. One of Lord Tordin’s men hears the distress call, he has to decided if he is going to go against IGA (since the call was not sent through that channel). Lord Tordin is feeling a pull to go to the assistance of the person call for help. They rescue Kyra, her friend Phoebe and the despicable Brantley. Kyra had been dreaming of Tordin for weeks, he is her mystery lover and the same for Tordin. Kyra finds her own in this alien warrior romance, who knew that the girl who thought she had nothing would wined up with everything that she longs for. Excited to read Phoebe’s story next.

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