Book Review~How I See It: Diego: The Mi Carina Series ~ Sienna Mynx

27835923Oh my, oh my, oh my….There is so much I want to say about this book I do not know where to be again.

Marcella and Diego’s story was epic (my opinion). First we meet Marcella, an art director who was unlucky in love, who bumps into a tall dark and handsome stranger. One day while attending a festival Marcella and the strange meet again, they have dinner and he takes her back to his place and things go downhill fast when he makes it known that he wants sex, she walks out. Diego starts sending her flowers upon upon flowers to get back into her good graces.

Once these two hit the sheets, they cannot get enough of each other. Diego Andes is a alpha male of the rarest form and a man of mystery. He does not intend to become enraptured has he does in Marcella. He simply cannot get enough of her.

I must say what bother me in this book was while Marcella was being held by Diego, she gave no thought to her mother. I can understand that she was worried about Susan. But she never once asked if she could call her mom so that she could put her mind at ease.

This book pulled me in all different types of directs and pulled at my heart when Marcella poured her heart out to Diego. Will these two go the distance or will his secrets and need for vengeance tear them apart forever? After reading this book I was like Marcella is says “Is love really enough?”

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