Book Review ~ How I See It: Having The Tycoons Baby (BWWM Pregnancy Romance Book 1) ~ Tasha Blue

24483651I receive this book to read in advance and provide a honest review. The one of my pet peeves about books are the formatting, grammar, word usage and keeping the characters correct. The spacing in this book from from double space to three spaces in between. It become very hard to follow in the formatting is out of place, the incorrect usage of punctuation or no punctuation where there should be punctuation. This story to me was too wordy, it is almost like the author was add more words to make the story longer.

This story was very unusual, there was drama. Only the drama of her trial, there was no family drama, no meeting of family members. No epilogue, no breaks to let us know when the story was move a year in advance?! If Jeremy, is a tycoon how was their business in danger of bankruptcy. I understand that business men are always looking for investors, but tycoons always have money for business expansions.

I did like the characters, Alayna and Jeremy despite of the circumstance that brought them together they found love and out of that love they created twins.

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