Book Review ~ How I See It: Alien Intent (Captured by Aliens #3) ~ Jaide Fox

24991651This is the third book in this series where the little gray oddly shaped big black-eyed aliens have stolen women from earth to sell and mate with the men on Chalcydon. Jasmine and her cousin are watching television when they receive a frantic phone call from their friend Cyndi.

I have to say. One, I love those that are close to me and two would do just about anything for them, but to go into a wooded area at night without any light but that of my phone and car, would be an absolute no, no. Hmmm, maybe. Jasmine and company head over to Cyndi’s house and find no sign of her. See, right that is when I would have gotten the hell-o out of Dodge. The aliens did another bypass and captured the cousins too. When Jasmine came two has some of those before her she is a fighter and tried to find a way of escape.

Enter Captain Dar Tagnon, he assume he was meeting the aliens to pick up weapons not women. Lets just say the meeting between himself and Jasmine left him with less than desirable taste of wanting to claim her as a bride even if it is an order by his Prince and Princess. Jasmine has no desire to be become a breeder to Dar no matter how attractive she found him.

Will the known threat to their existence keep Dar from claiming Jasmine has his own or will the misunderstandings keep clouding the way to happiness?

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