Book Review ~ How I See It: The Good Mistress: A BWWM Billionaire Romance ~ Amarie Avant

28932874Another good read by author Amarie Avant. In this story we meet Mila Ali and Blake Baldwin to polar opposites in every way. Blake is instantly attracted to Mila and must make her his in every way but one. He can’t marry her as he is already married. Mila is carrying around her own baggage that is playing havoc with her emotions and self-esteem. As Blake begins his chase to capture all of Mila and she begins her own inner tug-of-war, it is obvious that these two will enter a romance worthy of the record books…or will they it seems that Blake has a lot of secrets and he is desperately seeking how to tie up loose ends hoping Mila does not learn all of them, especially those tied to the death of her fiance Warren.

Warren’s mother and brother were too much for me. Warren’s mother for her generalization of Mila and Keith for how he treated her and sleeping with her sister. Not to mention Mila’s sister Lido, that child was way too much.

What was confusing to me in this story was:

  • If Blake had no involvement in Warren’s death why did he feel so guilty and
  • Why did is look has if Blake did have Warren and Lola murdered, if he didn’t?
  • Why did Blake lie to Mila about the relationship with his wife Diana? The story made it seem is if she pushed his buttons often and he followed through every time.
  • Blake was portrayed like a man who not only had is cake, ate it and went back for another slice.
  • This whole Brendan Walker, being Blake Baldwin (threw the story off for me a little). I get the fact that he wanted to reinvent himself, it made me feel like he was on some level ashamed of where he came from.

I would have rated it 5 stars, but for the minor mistakes of:

  • Calling Diana Baldwin – Diana Blake
  • Some minor grammar issues

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