Book Review ~ How I See It: Compassion ~ Xavier Neal

28523611Let me start off by saying I love reading books by this author; however, I am extremely disappointed at the poor quality in which this book was published for purchase. The editing marks and grammatical errors were too many to count. This is the first book that I have purchased to have all of these flaws.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way…Loved, loved the story of Jaye and Archer and the tie-in of Merrick, Pressley and Ryder. Jaye is a librarian, at Pressley’s school, who lost her fiancé in a car accident 3 years ago. She meets Archer one night as she takes out the trash and he is digging in her trash for something to eat. There is attraction at first sight neither one of them can deny. One day Jaye is able to come to Archer’s rescue and save him from serving a little jail time.

Jaye’s mother keeps playing matchmaker, but once she meets Archer and finds out how he and Jaye met. It makes for one interesting “Guess who’s coming to dinner” in reverse. Jaye’s neighbors are a riot.

All and all it is a good story, to me the message in this book is that we all need a little compassion no matter which our station in life is.

God Bless our Vets and our Troops! They take care of us by fighting for our freedom, the least we can do fight to give them back theirs!

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