Book Review ~ How I See It: Taming Kane, Claiming Mia (Kane and Mia Book 1) ~ Nichole Lynn

29071564I have to say that this story is interesting, the cat and mouse game Kane and Mia started has taken a very interesting turn. Mia is a writer, who is making her way to the top at a magazine, unbeknownst to her “Casanova aka Kane Parker,” is the man that her boss claims broke her heart. Kane Parker is attracted to the mystery woman he meets and names “Miss Congeniality,” he can not get her off of his mind. Kane has a lot going on in his life right now, having to deal with the scandal his brother caused, clients leaving, Tinley and Ali (the woman his mother is trying to set him up with), now he become his distracted by Mia aka Nicole.

The author confused be about December’s husband’s name is it Greg or Charles? Kane’s family is a hot mess. Will Mia tame Kane and will Kane claim Mia once he finds out her deception? Is Marlo’s prediction coming true? Can’t wait to read book 2…I hope this story gets better has the suspense builds as all players in this game and the plays start to unfold.

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