Book Reveiw ~ How I See It: Alexei ~ Serena Simpson

28491508SOAR has coming to the Love Me Harder Series, Aran and Rena’s son is no longer a baby, but in his early thirties and Amber the little girl we met in I believe it was Sergey’s book is now in her mid-to-late thirties. This is their story. Alexei has been dreaming about mating with Amber for as long as he could remember, however, he feels that it is wrong to think of her that way since for all intents and purposes she is his “cousin” being raised by his uncle Ash.

The brothers and Dante were able to convince Amber’s parents that she would be much safer with them. Amber grew-up with Ash as her ‘father,’ even though has she became older she felt the pull between her and Alexei, she did not want to act on it since he would live longer than she and she did not want to have to age while he and the rest of her family stayed looking young. Amber not without her own power is able to assist in helping her family combat the threat against not only her family, but earth as well.

I love reading the books of this series and feel Ash’s pain at having to watch his brothers and now his daughter with their mates.

This was a good story to read. The grammatical errors, word usage and thing such as Wild Cat not Wild cat, unless it was supposed to be Wildcat, took away the steady flow of the story.

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