Book Review ~ How I See It: Ash: Love Me Harder – Alien Paranormal Romance ~ Serena Simpson

29013436Oh come on, seriously….a cliffhanger just when it was getting good!!! In this story Ash the youngest brother, who found his mate and lost her on the same day is reunited with her again 300 years later. This is like some Buck Rogers stuff going on right here. Brooklyn’s parents had her placed in cryostasis, until a cure could be found for her or so she thought. When Brooklyn is awaken and released from the medical facility she goes back to the place where she was to meet Ash.

The ever-wise all knowing Dante knew where Brooklyn has been all the years Ash had been longing and searching for her. I wouldn’t I love to know the mystery that is Dante. It appears that someone wanted to keep Brooklyn on ice. The mysterious Patron, who has been terrorizing the citizen of New Pittsburg. Brooklyn’s new Bestie Jazlyn harbors a secret of her own that sets one of Dante’s brothers into wanting to claim what is his…!

This book leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Why would Brook tell Amber to call her Brook when she had already address her as Brook and not Brooklyn?

This was a good story to read. The grammatical errors and punctuation usage took away the steady flow of the story.

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