Book Reveiw ~ How I See It: Aiden’s Game (A Tale of Three Hearts #1) ~ Sienna Mynx

9640909Well this book had indecent proposal written all over it. So much went wrong with what happened between Aiden, Daisy and Pete. Daisy was selfish and only thought about herself, sure she loved Pete. He was want she wanted at the time but he could not give her what she wanted. In walks Aiden, a man that could chew both Daisy and Pete up and spit them out.

This book made me angry with all parties involved and the heartbreak for both Daisy and Pete, playing a game they were ill equipped to play.

True love can conquer all, puppy love cannot and will not survive if put to a million dollar test. Pete would have done anything for Daisy, Daisy no matter how she spun it would have done anything for Daisy. I believe that she did love Pete in her own way; however she felt something from Aiden that she could not deny. Once the hand’s are dealt no one will win in this game.

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