Book Reveiw ~ How I See It: Daisy’s Choice (A Tale of Three Hearts #2) ~ Sienna Mynx

11219609In this second book, we learn that Daisy has been missing for five years. Both Pete and Aiden have been looking for her. After Pete left Daisy and she found out that she was duped by Aiden. (Although I feel that she didn’t do anything she didn’t want to do with Aiden.) Daisy took the money and ran, changed her identity and had her baby.

Daisy went back home to visit her father and came face to face with her mother who attacked her out of grief and anger. Daisy left not knowing that the woman who took her to see her father is Pete’s current girlfriend. Daisy’s father dies and Aiden is sure she will return home for the funeral and he will finally have her in his life again. Things do go as he expects and he and Pete have words again.

Things start to look up for Pete and Nina until he discovers that she kept the fact that she had information on Daisy as well as her whereabouts. He tells Nina that he has to go see Daisy that have unfinished business. In Aiden’s world Donovan discovers Daisy’s whereabouts by accident and inform Aiden. Aiden does what Aiden does best he sends Donovan in to handle things.

A shock to both Aiden and Pete, Daisy has a child but who is the father. Pete claims he is and Aiden and Daisy are sure Aiden is. Things do not turn out as they hope and Aiden has pressure on all sides, Donovan and Mrs. Johnson, both of them want Aiden to leave Daisy alone for different reasons.

Daisy made her choice…she chose Aiden, in her mind she never let go of Pete. In this book Daisy and Pete still needed to grow-up and stop thinking about themselves, both are still selfish in this one Pete more so than Daisy because he had not let go of what happened five years ago.

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